12 Nov

While we are living in a digital age, it’s easy to forget how important a little 2 x 3.5 business card really is. It’s not a relic from a former age, but an important part of selling yourself. A business card is part of your first impression, and we all know that we just have one chance to make that first impression.

Like a good interview outfit and impactful resume, a good business card helps you stick out. Look at your business card as your own mini-advisement. Having one shows you are in the game whether you are employed or not.

What a Good Business Card Does for You

At a networking event or dinner party and make a potential work connection? Having a card gives your contact information in a quick, easy way. Getting someone’s card means you can connect with them and follow-up for future opportunities. Basically, no card, no dice. It’s harder to network without one. It can act as a conversation starter, too.

What Makes a Good Business Card?

Good business cards help extend your personal brand message. It should show personality. Have fun with it and make sure you have all your contact information clearly on it. Here are some effective business cards to get your creative juices going.

Want to show some personality but not too much? Consider this sort of look:

Business Cards


(1) In a more conservation field, have fun with the font. Black and white is always a classic. Holly Social Business Cards $55 for 100

(2) Tap into current design trends like chevron and ombre in this design. Chevron $25 for 50

(3) Use color to make a simple design pop. Pattern and Color $34 for 50

(4) Graphic stripes business $45 for 100

(5) Consider a template like this one that you can print as many cards as you need. Business card template, $21.50

Don’t let the costs get in the way of getting in the game. Vista Print offers 250 free (!!) cards. Consider this a good starter card. The price is hard to argue with but they are more boilerplate options.

Who needs one? Everyone. A lot of folks wait to get cards from their places of employment but that is a mistake. Haven’t gotten your first job or between jobs or want to reinvent yourself into a new career? Get a card made. Having a serious day job but doing a side blog, have one made for your passion project. This sets you up to appear more serious about it.

P.S. Keep in a card case so they don’t get all ratty. Nothing like a bent up card to kill a good impression!

Courtesy of Levo League 


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