9 Oct


I can’t help but be overly thankful for yesterday’s holiday.  For those of you who was off for Columbus Day can relate.  I was able to spend time with my love ones and most importantly get some much needed rest.  As we kick start today, let’s remember to be productive, especially since we are running on a four day work week. As promised, here’s your morning coffee chat news to stir up this week’s most talked about conversations.

So you want to be a Gala Girl? Caroline Hamilton gives you the not so glam parts about working as a fundraiser in this funny yet advisable NY Times artile.

Why women hide their baby bumps at work?

Can’t wait to read Facebook’s Sheryl Sanberg take on women and power in her new book.  Yes, new book.,0,2158032.story

Can Lena Dunham Sell As Many Books As Tina Fey? Random House Bets $3.5 Million She Can


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