Why I got Fired from Facebook (a $100 Million dollar lesson)

7 Oct

Getting fired as we all know is the worst feelings and unprofessional  move that can either make or break your career.  Of course, it an emotional breaker, especially if you are at a well-known, billion-dollar company that seems to be everybody (inlcuding yours) dream job.  I couldn’t relate but I know Noah Kagan who was fired from Facebook can.  Tired of the questions, weird looks, and questionable thoughts from friends and family led Mr. Kagan to write a blog post titled, “Why I got Fired from Facebook (a $100 Million dollar lesson).  I was curious and wanted to know like everyone else.  After reading this post you will find a great deal of career learned lessons to help you strive in any job.

I’m TIRED of answering this question so I’d rather write it out and just point people to this post.

Let me start in reverse.

I can tell you every detail of the day I got fired aka “let go” aka “down-sized” aka “shit-canned.”

I thought I was going to a routine coffee with my boss and randomly saw Matt Cohler sitting at the table inside (surprising)!

I knew something was amiss. Matt broke the news quickly and I was in dead-shock as the words came out of his mouth. They walked me back to the office and removed my laptop and my cell phone.

Then I proceeded to the Verizon store to use their phone, called my gf (at the time) and drove to the house I shared with 6 other FB guys.

Packed up all my stuff in my CRX, smoked a 1/2 pack of cigarettes on the balcony and drove to my friend Johnny’s place. It took me a bit to let my mom know and I slept on Johnny’s couch for a few days, thanks J!

Later that night we had a bbq at this place and everyone was asking me how the job was going….#awkward

I kept drinking that night to pass out and pray this was all a bad dream.

At that time, here’s the order of what was important in my life:

1- Facebook 2- Myself 3- Food / Shelter 4- My gf 5- Family 6- Friends

To spell it out. Facebook was my entire life.

My social circle, my validation, my identity and everything was tied to this company.

How the fuck could have ended up like this?

WTF! I just got a promotion and a raise 2 months before!

This was my first time being fired and it took me 1 year to get over the depression.

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