Keija Minor becomes the first African American to serve as Editor in Chief at a Conde Nast Fashion Magazine

7 Oct

The conversation of diversity is often kept to the runway, but what about behind the scenes? What goes on there? Is the runway merely an out picturing of the fashion industry’s internal status quo?

A welcomed and refreshing break took place when earlier last week, Keija Minor was named editor in chief of Brides magazine. Trained as a lawyer, Minor is the first African American woman to assume the position of editor in chief at Condé Nast fashion book. Speaking from New York, Minor says the news was “like the frosting on a really fantastic cake.” In and industry flavored with all sorts of personalities, Minor’s energy feels genuine.

Excited but grounded, the editor in chief explains how she left her former profession as a lawyer to pursue her true lovefashion. “I took an eighty five percent pay cut to do what I love.” The sacrifice seems to have paid off as Minor prepares herself to get immersed into her new title. Of course the first question on most people’s lips is what changes will we see? Minor responded “let’s not forget that I am on day six.”

The focus may be on Keija Minor being the first of a kind to break through a tough barrier, but the real focus should be on her excellence. Yes she is African American, but she is also excellent at what she does. Minor had been acting as executive editor in chief for a year at brides magazine. Even though the news took her by surprise, she was prepared. Minor has been enveloped by congratulatory notes from other members of the Conde Nast family.

“The outpour of support has been great.” Through Minor’s journey, she has many people to thank. She thanks Bethann Hardison who she says has been an angel on her shoulder. Minor does not see obstacles, “It was the way I was brought up. I never thought I couldn’t do something because I was black or because I was a woman, I have my parents to thank for that.”
Keija Minor becoming the first African American woman to assume the position of editor in chief is a great victory in the fashion industry. It speaks to a definite shift taking place in an industry that has often been seen as inflexible and noninclusive. Fashion is writing a new vision for the future.


Image Credit: Vogue Italia


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