15 Jun

It’s a fashionable mix of brands—31, to be exact—that influences office style at the headquarters of the Jones Group, located in New York’s garment district.

The apparel maker, which owns labels such as Nine West, Stuart Weitzman and Rachel Roy, has 435 employees at 1411 Broadway. Designers and brand teams share 14 floors of space in the high-rise building.

In her studio, designer Rachel Roy wore a black top and yellow pants from her own label. “I have the luxury of wearing samples because I design for the woman I aspire to be,” she said.

Ms. Roy said that every woman should own a trench coat that can be worn as a dress. “It’s quite smart looking, it’s very slenderizing, it’s powerful and yet feminine,” she said. “It’s a piece that my mother wore, and she was not a fashionista. But it’s the one thing that when she put it on, I was moved by. And so every single collection, I design a trench dress.”

Meanwhile, designers Jeffrey Costello and Robert Tagliapietra of the label C&T Costello Tagliapietra have been sporting the same look for the past 10 years: beards, plaid shirts and suspenders.  “I think there’s 200 plaid shirts in the closet at any given moment,” said Mr. Tagliapietra. “Our style speaks for itself.”

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